• Meerut is located in north- east of Delhi and is a part of National Capital Region-NCR-Delhi.
  • Meerut is amongst the top 25 cities of India and the 4th largest city of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Meerut has a historical background as has a mention in epic Mahabharata. Also the first war of independence broke from Meerut in the year 1857.
  • Very vibrant economy, agriculture hub, amongst largest wholesale market for gold, industrial town, sports good centre (leading world cricketers play with bats manufactured at Meerut), education centre(four universities) and one of the largest Army base in the country et al.
  • RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System) corridor from Meerut to Delhi.
  • An officially approved expressway via Ghaziabad will make it a 45 minute comfortable drive to reach Meerut which will provide further impetus to development of this town.
  • Meerut also boasts of important offices of Centre and State governments besides Multi-national companies (MNCs). Also, major MNC brands have opened their retails conters in the city.
  • The distance between the borders of Delhi and Meerut is around 45 kms.

* UP state and Central governments are likely to construct an airport at Meerut. Though, an air-strip is already here.